Welcome to Tastymeal !!!

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the centerpieces of good long-term health, but during our fast-paced work days living away from family, we are forced either to indulge in traditional home base Tiffin mess or junk food or even skip meals. When experiencing hunger pangs, most youngsters now rely on street food and the fast food restaurant for a ‘quick fix’ of junk food or else street food. Then there are others who skip breakfast or other meals because of lack of time and other reasons.

On a regular basis, both scenarios can pose long-term health risks. While there may be no one-size-fits-all solution to these pain points, we at Tastymeal have a solution as we consider ‘the future of food’.

Studying away from home or working away from family becomes the necessity today. But there was no such option if urban Indian population wants to have healthy food on regular basis. And thus people always miss their home. The idea was to make healthy food accessible at an affordable rate with a user friendly ordering platform. That’s when we decided to introduce our food service. Tastymeal is our effort to deliver the most convenient and healthiest fresh tasty meals at your doorstep!

And thus we say ‘‘Ab Ghar Ki Yaad Nahi Aayegi’’

Tastymeal serves you tasty yet healthy home cooked food, your taste buds loves most but because of heath issue you avoid to consume.

Our USP -

  • Healthy and hygiene kitchen.

  • Fresh Ingredients procured from directly Producers.

  • On time preparation, no stocking of raw ingredients as in Restaurants.

  • Use of virgin rice bran and sunflower oil.

  • No artificial ingredients, Preservatives, Ajinomoto and Taste enhancers.

  • Only branded and assorted high quality raw material.

  • Use of Haldiram bakery products only.

  • Use of RO water only.

  • Hygiene food packaging containers approved by Fssai.

  • Wide and exclusive range of food items

  • No short / long term health issues.

  • Tasty food in healthy style so your tummy will not complain you again